Finally I Can Afford to Be an Early Adopter

A few weeks ago, a new phone was announced to be hitting the market. The company that makes this phone always puts out a new one every year, and it seems like their prices are getting more expensive each time. I’ve never been able to afford their phones in the past because of their high prices, but this year I could because I’ve been trading bitcoin on the Bitcoin Trader official app. I stood in line to be one of the first people to have the phone, along with lots of other people who are die hard fans of the phone.

One person who was at the front of the line had been camping there for a few days. He brought a folding tent with him so he could have his own personal sleeping space. That was a bit too much for me to do. I applaud his dedication, but I think he was a bit nuts to camp out days for a phone that would still be available after the first day of sales. All I brought with me was a cup of coffee to drink and a folding chair so I could sit down while waiting for the store to open.

Hours after standing in line, the store opened and everyone went inside in an orderly fashion to get the phone. I figured that the store opening would be like one of those Black Friday events where all of the customers rush into the store at once and knock over everything. After paying for the phone with my bitcoin profits, I opened its packaging, turned it on, and put my Sim card inside of it. The new phone was as impressive as the online videos made it out to be. The first app I installed on it was the trading app.