Is your child’s bedroom a disaster area? Is it a horrible mess with clean clothes and dirty laundry all mixed up, his games and toys littering the floor, his books, and homework heaped in untidy piles turning his bedroom into a booby-trapped minefield? You probably feel like screaming at him. But wait! Is it really his fault? Is there enough storage space in his kids’ bedroom furniture to keep all his organized and easy to find?

Are the existing wardrobes and closets in your child’s bedroom already filled to the brim? When you help him to clean up his bedroom, can you put away all his games, toys, books and other belongings in an organized fashion, such that everything is in its own place and easy to find when it is needed? If not, then clearly his existing kid’s bedroom furniture does not have enough storage space to meet his needs. If you are serious about having him keep his bedroom clean and tidy, you will need to buy him additional storage.CHILD'S BEDROOM IS A DISASTER AREA

What kind of storage solution you add to your kid’s bedroom furniture partly depends on his tastes as well as what is practical and available. Rather than buying an entire bedroom furniture package, you should be looking for various standalone pieces of furniture. If you have a tight budget, you can take him with you when you go looking for high-quality used bedroom furniture. For example, families put up their used kids’ bedroom furniture when their son or daughter grows from the mid-teens to the late teens. If your child is now in his mid-teens, this can be a good opportunity for you to pick up some good quality bargain bedroom furniture. Even if the existing color may not be to your child’s liking, if the closet or shelf you bought is made from solid wood, its old paint can be easily stripped away and you can then repaint it in the desired color.

If you not only have a limited budget, but convenience in finding your child his storage furniture is also important, you can try shopping for bedroom furniture online. You can look for bargain bedroom furniture shelves, closets and storage chests on the websites of reputable online bedroom furniture retailers. Do this with your child and keep him engaged in the entire process. Ask him for his opinion and help him to choose the furniture he wants. Pay with your credit card and get it delivered right to your doorstep, then all you need to do is unpack and assemble the new furniture.

Yet another option for buying kids furniture on a tight budget is to visit bedroom furniture sales with your child. These furniture fairs are regularly held by many bedroom furniture warehouses to clear their old discontinued stock of furniture. These are bedroom furniture on sale, so they will be priced right to keep your wallet happy. Let your child pick his own discount bedroom furniture to keep him happy.

Once you receive and install the new shelves, closets, cupboards or storage bins for your child’s bedroom, you may need to help him tidy up his room for the first time. You may need to show him how to organize his stuff so that everything will be easy to find when he needs it. Once he can put everything in its own place such that it is easy to find, he will more naturally keep his room neat and tidy without any prompting from you.

Wood bedroom furniture is not the only option. For children who are old enough, other good furniture options are metal bedroom furniture, wicker bedroom furniture, and rattan bedroom furniture. Good quality metal shelves are solid, robust and versatile. They can carry heavy loads and can be helpful in organizing the plastic storage bins and cardboard boxes used to put away your teen’s old toys and least used belongings. Wicker hampers can be used to collect your child’s dirty laundry until there is enough to load into the washing machine. Wicker and rattan shelves are a low-cost, lightweight and excellent way of displaying your daughter’s dolls and teddy bears or your son’s model collection. Cheap plastic drawers and stackable storage bins can also provide good service under the right conditions.

When your child’s bedroom is always a horrible mess, it may not be his fault. Before you start screaming, take a deep breath and see if it is because he is outgrowing his kids’ bedroom furniture and may need additional storage. There are many ways for you to quickly add supplementary storage to your child’s bedroom. Make it easy for him to keep his things organized and you won’t have to throw a hissy fit.


Has your daughter been grumpy and frazzled since starting school? Do you have to shoo your little girl and her homework off the dinner table every evening? Have you had to pick her textbooks and exercise books off your writing table in the study? Has your previously neat and tidy little angel started showing a rebellious streak? Perhaps it’s just a phase she is going through. Or perhaps not. You may have spoken to her, but have you stepped into her bedroom recently? Are her dolls, teddy bears and books still organized in their own place? Or have they been strewn throughout the bedroom? If it is the latter, it is quite possible that she is outgrowing her bedroom furniture.

One of the first places you need to check is the writing table or study desk in her bedroom. She does have one, doesn’t she? So that she can at least do her homework in peace and privacy? Getting back to the point – can your little princess do her homework comfortably while seated at her desk? Is her desk too high or too low? Can she lay out all her books on her desk or is it too small? Is her chair at the right height and is it providing her with sufficient back support? If your her “working” environment is deficient, you will need to make the necessary replacements.little girl's bedroom

The size of the study desk in her bedroom is not the only consideration. You should also think about whether or not the desk needs built-in storage. Many writing tables/desks come with built-in shelves and drawers. A few come integrated with a bookshelf. You might want to think about getting this type. With this type of table, your little girl only needs to stretch her hand out to grab whatever reference book or textbook she needs for her homework.

One other important thing to think about is the lighting in her bedroom. When their children are very young, not many parents think about the lights in their child’s bedroom. It just doesn’t register as part of kids’ bedroom furniture. But it actually is an important element. Is your daughter’s bedroom bright enough when she needs to study and do her homework? Does she need additional lights? Is her study area too bright or too warm when she most needs to use it? You may need to fit heavier curtains, maybe even shutters for her windows.

Here is another item not traditionally considered part of kids bedroom furniture – the bookshelf. Does your daughter have a bookshelf in her bedroom? If she does not have a dedicated bookshelf, does she at least have enough space to keep her most important textbooks and study materials ready to hand? Does her existing bedroom furniture allow her to easily organize and find her study guides, old exercise books, and old notebooks? If not, you will need to replace her old shelves and cabinets with something larger and more spacious.

If she has a TV, radio, hi-fi or other home electronics in her room, does she have a centralized place for all these items? When your little angel was still in grade school, she probably won’t have anything and you probably never gave it any thought. She will probably never have as many items of electronic entertainment as your son. But by the time she enters high school, even she should have accumulated at least a CD player and hi-fi. Does she have an entertainment center of some kind to help her keep all her CDs organized?

How about her clothes? Does your daughter still have room for her increasing collection of clothes? Is her old wardrobe still large enough? If you bought her wardrobe when she was five years old, and she is now ten years old, it may now be too small to fit her larger clothes. A three-foot tall wardrobe or dresser may be just right for her 5-year old kiddy clothes but is definitely inadequate for her 10-year old clothes. Remember that she is not a boy. She has dresses and skirts which she needs to hang up. She has clothes which cannot be folded. It may now be time to buy her a larger wardrobe – something more appropriately sized for her today. As she grows into her teens, you may even want to think about installing a fitted wardrobe in her bedroom.

As your daughter grows older, more and more of her old kids’ bedroom furniture become too small for her. Many parents remember to at least keep track of their little angel’s bed. Those who do not will quickly and forcibly be reminded by a cranky and petulant child because she has no alternatives to sleeping on her bed. But she may not notice the increasing problems with her bedroom’s slowly decreasing storage space, as well as the increasing unfitness of her study area. Like all human beings, she will adapt to these slow changes. She will adapt by spending less and less time in her bedroom. She will do more of her studies in your study, on the dining table or coffee table. As her parent, it is up to you to notice these changes that even she may not be aware of.