This luncheon meat, fully popular for 80 years

Most people think of, are noodles with lunch meat. Hot water crashed down, kneading body posture gradually soft. Then throw two pieces of lunch meat pot, sow burst of subtle sizzling, people simply could not hold!

However, in fact, this multi-faceted lunar lunchman, used only as a supper, is also a bit of a waste. Carnivores such as penguins, spring, summer, autumn and winter, from morning till night, can eat a can of lunch meat –

Morning | Thick slices of lunch meat sandwich

Eat meat, start from morning!

Convenience store cold ham sandwiches, sandwiched with a few pieces of meat as thin as onion skin, eat the same feeling did not eat the same thing. Fry a few pieces of their own thick lunch sandwich into the bread, big mouth ah woo bite go cool enough.

Noon | colorful meat Ding fried rice

Weekend at home chasing the play, unknowingly had lunch point. Call takeaway, but also do not know how long to be sent, it is better to fry a meal yourself.

A few packets of carrots, corn, green beans, assorted vegetables diced in the refrigerator, and then cut the lunch meat, make an egg – aroma overflowing! A spoon can eat the whole bowl, did not delay my chase drama industry!

Dinner | stomach meal noodles

Home from work at night, hungry and tired, but do not want to move?

A meal noodles, fried eggs, fried noodles, full stomach meal of a dinner, and just wash a pot!

Late at night | crisp meal of meat

Late at night without take-away, you can not sleep without full meal, you can also take lunch meat to pad mat.

Lunch meat cut into thick, threw it into a small pan slowly fry. Like a small fire more frying for a while, eat crisp and more crispy incense.

Have a good time, then drink a little wine. This supper, I think OK!

Home to save a few cans of lunch meat, bring a sense of security is comparable to a boyfriend.

However, although the boyfriend lunch delicious meat, in the end is a meat products, to choose the excellent quality of the big brands, to eat at ease.

The luncheon meat, the founder of Lord Shiba’s luncheon meat, is the first choice of penguin king’s peace of mind.

The birth of the star in the flames ingredients

World stick lunch meat SPAM

Few modern ingredients, like this blue can (SPAM), carry such a heavy history.

On the eve of World War II depression, the meat supply shortage, ham, sausage have become a luxury. To deal with this situation, the meat giant Hormel minced pig’s shoulder meat by adding water and seasoning to a slurry and filling it into tin cans to shape it. SPAM was born.

World War II, because SPAM easy to transport, canned instant, rich in protein and other advantages, as a perfect military rations, fed a million war soldiers in the United States soldier.

▲ SPAM mascot Slammin ‘Spammy pig, was also painted on the fuselage of the fuselage

At the time when coal and oil were all well-priced, most of the meat was available in limited quantities, combined with the instant consumption of lunch meringue, making it the most economical and convenient staple food choice.

According to Raj Patel, a British scholar, “the biggest impetus for changing human recipes has always been war.” Indeed, the birth of SPAM in the war spread to many countries as the military spread and had a profound impact on the eating habits of locals .

Lunch meat as a US soldier’s food, was taken to South Korea, it is popular in the local open. Until today, Korean troops in the pot, rice balls, sushi … … can not do without luncheon meat. A can of luncheon meat on a hundred yuan combination is a decent gift for the holidays.

Hawaii’s fishing industry was once restricted in World War II, lunch meat as a convenient source of meat, but also gradually accepted by the local people. Lunch meat salad, lunch meat sushi … McDonald’s on this tropical island, and even sell lunch meat burger!

Popular 80 years of canned blue, what is the taste?

In our luncheon meat evaluation, SPAM with the taste of fine, strong meat, topped the recommended list!

And the pot lunch meat recipe is simple, only six: pork, water, starch, salt, sugar and sodium nitrite.

Even texture and delicate texture, but also obviously feel chewy meat fiber.

After cooking, the sensation is still tight, do not worry about the next hot pot scattered starch lumps.

Most like to cut into thick slices, more fried for a while, eat more Jiao Xiang.

Now formula has been adjusted, lower sodium content. Classic version of the original version of every 100g, the sodium content of only 693mg, will not eat too salty, very suitable for Chinese tastes.

There are light flavor optional! Every hundred grams of fat content, even less than the classic version 6.6g, lower calories.

Each soul full of meat, not too lonely.

Wet and cold winter, quick juicy lunch with Q shells, give yourself a good meal!

With hot salads, nobody in winter can stop me from becoming thinner

Salad Lane will generally add a lot of vegetables, fruits, meat and other ingredients, or even directly into the cereal beans as the staple food, and then poured on the favorite sauce, a bowl to meet. Not only all kinds of nutrition are taken in, it is also easy to do.

However, I thought I could eat cold chilled fruits and vegetables at this weather. After all, it’s also important to have a hot meal in the winter.

However, who says salad can only eat cold?

Recently read a “wow! Salad’s textbook” and found that the original salad not only eat hot, many seasonal ingredients are also particularly suitable for autumn and winter made of “hot salad” (Hot Salad or Warm Salad). So, delicious “hot salad” how to do?

Hot salad selection of ingredients

In theory, the ingredients of a normal salad can be used. However, in order to ensure the taste, some suitable for cold food vegetables, such as lettuce, cucumber, etc., it is recommended to replace with other vegetables.

Hot salad ingredients require heat treatment, therefore, highly recommended in autumn and winter season root vegetables, various fungi and protein-rich seafood and meat.

Root vegetables mainly refers to the food part of the vegetables in the soil, including potatoes, radishes, carrots, taro, sweet potatoes, yam and so on.

Mushrooms recommend the choice of relatively thick meat, such as mushrooms, Pleurotus eryngii, crab mushrooms, etc .; meat suggestion to choose a higher protein, fat, relatively less chicken, beef, or all kinds of seafood is not bad, such as shrimp, scallops, Salmon, tuna and so on.

In particular, root vegetables, fungi and meat are not raw, is the “hot salad” the best choice.

Hot salad cooking & sauce with

Hot salad cooking methods, including steaming, cooking and oven baking, etc., will not be overly complicated ingredients processing, not only the pursuit of simple operation, but also try to keep the raw ingredients.

The usual practice is to put all the ingredients to deal with, and the same as the ordinary salad, all together, pour sauce into the mix well. This is also the difference between “hot salad” and ordinary stews, cooking and oven dishes.

In addition to the commonly used sauces of ordinary salads, Hot Salad is also suitable for flavors such as cheese, cheese, cream, paprika, garlic and curry powder. Appetite salad.

Eat “hot salad” in winter, not only can eat a lot of vegetables at a time, warm food can speed up the body’s basal metabolism, it is suitable for winter fitness and fear of people who gain weight.

Then share 6 delicious, good to do, nutritious low calorie “hot salad”, two of them from the food book new book, “wow! Salad’s textbook” and quickly do it.


Musical song (dry) …… 200g

Coarse salt … … 60g

Water … 280ml


① cut cowpea, cut into small slices of small potatoes, garlic chopped, olive cut half; small potatoes into the water pot boil for 20 minutes until soft rotten.

② the cowpea paragraph into the boiling water, boiled 2 minutes after the removal, too cold water drain.

③ production rosemary pepper oil: pan hot olive oil, add garlic, rosemary, the smell of leaching in the cowpea and potatoes.

④ Stir in half of the olives, add chili powder, allspice and salt seasoning can be.