A New Home for the Three of Us

When I started looking at condos, the first one I looked at was Treasure at Tampines in Singapore. It is also the last one that I looked at because I knew that I had found the place I was meant to be at as soon as I looked at all of the information on the developer’s website. I knew that I wanted something in District 18, and this is a true gem. I don’t think it is coincidence or by accident that it is the only one I needed to look at either. It was just meant to be!

Even though I am not married and don’t have kids, I still looked at just the units that have three bedrooms. Continue reading “A New Home for the Three of Us”

Looking My Best for the Reunion

My old college was having a reunion for everyone in my class year, and they invited me to go. Initially I decided not to go because I wasn’t comfortable letting everyone see my hair. My hair had been thinning for a while, and I was afraid that everyone would make fun of it. I thought about wearing a wig, but it would have looked stupid and it would have been obvious that it wasn’t my real hair. I changed my mind about going after I found out about a hair treatment offered at a Singapore aesthetic clinic.

I made a decision that if the treatment didn’t work, I wouldn’t bother going to the reunion. Continue reading “Looking My Best for the Reunion”

I Needed a Good Locksmith

I got locked out of house in Brisbane not that long ago, and it was actually not as embarrassing as I thought it would be. I had no idea what to do, so I called my father. I had only been living in my new home for about three months, so I had not yet given anyone a key to get in, other than myself. I would have given my parents one, but they live almost 200 miles away so I just did not see the purpose in that.

When I called my father and he could finally stop chuckling, he told me that I had really just one option since I did not hide a key anywhere nor had I given a key to anyone else. He told me that I needed to call a locksmith in the area. I had never had the need for this kind of service before, so I really was clueless on what kind of locksmith I needed. Continue reading “I Needed a Good Locksmith”

A Special Monument for Our Father

When our father died, my brother, sister and I were not able to afford the headstone we wanted for his burial spot in the cemetery. We were able to take care of the funeral necessities, and we knew that we could revisit getting him a headstone when we were all in a better place emotionally as well as financially. That was nearly two years ago, and we knew that it was time to visit the monument store in Morris County NJ. I think it was actually easier on all of us to go at such a later date because we were all at peace with what had happened. Continue reading “A Special Monument for Our Father”