A Special Monument for Our Father

When our father died, my brother, sister and I were not able to afford the headstone we wanted for his burial spot in the cemetery. We were able to take care of the funeral necessities, and we knew that we could revisit getting him a headstone when we were all in a better place emotionally as well as financially. That was nearly two years ago, and we knew that it was time to visit the monument store in Morris County NJ. I think it was actually easier on all of us to go at such a later date because we were all at peace with what had happened.

My brother and sister wanted to go to the store in person, but I decided to look online first because I wanted to see what all they offer. I was surprised at the variety of everything. I thought we would be limited in color, size, artwork and even the lettering, but we could have anything that we wanted. I got several good ideas, but I decided to wait and go to the store with them too so they were as much a part of the process as I was.

When we got there, we all decided on the traditional gray color for the monument. We all knew that he would want his favorite scripture on there, but we wanted to do more for him. We finally decided to have a guitar etched onto the stone with some music notes going upward and off the headstone. Our dad loved to play the guitar and sing all sorts of genres, but his favorites were bluegrass and gospel. Having the guitar and notes etched on the stone is just the perfect touch, and it is very fitting for the man who loved us unconditionally for all of our lives.