A New Home for the Three of Us

When I started looking at condos, the first one I looked at was Treasure at Tampines in Singapore. It is also the last one that I looked at because I knew that I had found the place I was meant to be at as soon as I looked at all of the information on the developer’s website. I knew that I wanted something in District 18, and this is a true gem. I don’t think it is coincidence or by accident that it is the only one I needed to look at either. It was just meant to be!

Even though I am not married and don’t have kids, I still looked at just the units that have three bedrooms. I am the process of adopting two children, which was the main reason for looking for a new place as I had just a small place prior to moving to Treasure at Tampines. The condo that has three bedrooms was listed as premium, and I can certainly understand why. I was smitten with it as soon as I saw the floor plan, and looking at actual pictures of a model unit was all I needed to know that I wanted that one.

There are three bedrooms in total. The master bedroom has a large closet as well as a private bath. The other two bedrooms are on either side of the master bedroom, and they share a bathroom. They do have to go out into the hallway to get to it, but this is convenient for when we have guests since it means they do not have to go into either bedroom to access it. The living room and dining room are combined, and the kitchen is a large nook off the dining room. I waited until the adoption process was finalized, then I did the necessary paperwork to make Treasure at Tampines our new home. I love it, but more importantly, the kids love it too!