Decorating your kid’s bedroom is no joking matter. You could decorate your baby’s (and toddler’s) nursery with no problem because it is just a reflection of your taste. But by the time your child enters kindergarten or pre-school, he or she will have very definite ideas about what is considered acceptable. Denying his or her input and feelings would result in a sullen and withdrawn child, or maybe a cranky child constantly throwing temper tantrums. But giving in to your child’s every whim and fancy in his bedroom decor could drive you to the brink of financial ruin. Young children quickly change their ideas of what they must have based – very often depending on what cartoons are hot at that period of time. How could you possibly pick your kid’s bedroom furniture this way?

Fortunately, many parents have gone through this kind of issue before, and you can pick their brains for the lessons they have learned in picking their kids’ bedroom furniture.KIDS BEDROOM FURNITURE

1. The first rule is to pick sturdy but neutral kids bedroom furniture. That means no fancy designs which go to waste every time your child becomes a fan of some new cartoon. You want to avoid pictures of cartoon characters printed directly on top of the furniture or decor. You should also avoid cartoon wallpapers for the bedroom unless you can buy them cheap as well as get them to put up cheap. You should aim to buy bedroom furniture that has lots of plain undecorated surfaces.

2. The second rule is to rely on decals and stickers for decorating your kid’s bedroom furniture. So your little boy starts showing an interest in trucks, lorries, excavators and all the other types of construction vehicles? Then it is time for you to take him shopping to look for stickers and decals to use for decoration. You could even look on the internet for good color pictures of these vehicles which you can print out and use as posters for his bedroom walls. Every time he changes his interest, all you need to do is strip away the old decals, stickers, and posters and put up the new replacements. Believe me, you will appreciate this advice when the cartoon networks come up with a hot new cartoon every few months.

3. Not every item of kids bedroom furniture needs to be for your child’s benefit. For example, there is no reason why you should not install a fitted wardrobe in your child’s bedroom. So what if he or she cannot use them? You can use the wardrobe to store his spare mattresses and bedding, his spare curtains and old toys and other knick-knacks that he is not using anymore but cannot bear to part with. If you are afraid of your child trying to climb up the shelves inside the fitted wardrobe, you can always keep it locked up. Overhead storage bins and cupboards are another useful item of furniture you should not overlook in your child’s bedroom. Most people, kids included, do not take much notice of things above their eye level. This overhead furniture is useful to you yet often do not need any decorating.

If you are careless in buying your kid’s bedroom furniture, you could easily end up with a major headache a few months down the road when the cartoon networks show a brand new cartoon. You cannot afford to give in to his whims every few months – it would be too expensive. But if you follow the three rules described above, you will have far fewer troubles and both your wallet and retirement account will appreciate it.


Your child will spend a lot of time in his bedroom when he is young. He will sleep there, have his afternoon naps there, and play there. Gone are the days when you can let a young child roam around freely outside the house – the world has changed and it is too dangerous to allow innocent children out of the home without a trustworthy chaperone. That is why it has become important to choose the right kid’s bedroom furniture – your child needs to love what you buy for his room or he will get sulky and throw tantrums when forced to spend time in there. Something very important you need to do is to involve him when shopping for his bedroom furniture – if he feels that he was the one choosing the furniture for his bedroom then he will be much happier to spend time in there.

Even though you need to get your child’s agreement in the bedroom furniture you buy for him, there are still two important points you need to keep in mind. The first is that you want to get him used to sitting on chairs and doing work at a table. Even though he may be too young to start schooling, he will still want to draw pictures with crayons, color his coloring books and “read” his picture books. You really don’t want him to pick up the habit of doing all his stuff on the floor. So a child’s writing table or study desk and chair need to be part of the kids’ bedroom furniture collection you buy.

A second important point to keep in mind is that you want your child to learn how to keep his things neat and tidy. You do not want him to just toss everything into the closet – you want him to learn to organize his toys and belongings so that it is easy for him to find and retrieve them without making a mess. That means you need to provide him with enough organized storage space to do so – you need to make sure the kids’ bedroom furniture package you buy has enough compartments in the wardrobe to help him store and arrange his belongings tidily.

I still remember my parents screaming at me to clear my stuff off the floor. Unfortunately, their idea of keeping things clean involved stuffing all my things into the closet willy-nilly without any organization and without any regards to protecting the more fragile toys. Irrationally scolding your child unjustly for problems which are not his fault will turn him into an antisocial and apathetic member of society. This is probably not something you want to happen. So if there are not enough places for storage in the kids’ bedroom furniture you buy, you should strongly consider supplementing it with additional child-safe shelves, chests, and trunks.

Alright, enough about the functional aspects of the kids’ bedroom furniture you need to buy. Let’s move on to something that is equally important – the “looks” of the furniture. This is where getting your child involved in decision-making becomes really important. You want to get stuff that he likes. The furniture needs to fit his tastes. Does he like bright colors or does he like cooler colors? Just be careful to moderate his desires when necessary – he may want lots of red in his bedroom because he wants to become a fireman, but studies have shown that too much red can make a child too emotionally aggressive.

If you have a second child, or intend to have another child and may want to hand down this set of kids bedroom furniture to him in the future, you should consider buying painted wood bedroom furniture. Solid wood bedroom furniture that is painted is also helpful when your child has a change of heart and decides that he likes some other color after all. To suit his new taste, all you need to do is strip away the old paint and re-paint the furniture in the new color scheme. You just need to re-do one piece of furniture at a time – stripping away of paint is easy with the sanding attachment of a power tool. For example, the Dremel Multi-Pro is relatively cheap, robust and reliable. You can easily buy it from Amazon for around $40.

One advantage of plainer kids bedroom furniture is the ease of changing the way the room looks. All you need to do is change the curtains and the bedding and the room instantly looks different. For example, let us say that the bed and wardrobe are painted light brown and the walls are a light blue color. Add dark blue curtains for the windows and blue camouflage bedding and you have a nice blue-themed bedroom suitable for many boys. Switch to green camo and you have a forest theme to suit the mood when he anticipates going camping with his dad. Switch to white sheets and comforters to brighten the bedroom during the winter months.

How your kids’ bedroom furniture looks is not the only consideration. Some parents like to buy new unfinished bedroom furniture made from pine or cherry wood. This kind of furniture actually releases a pleasant and natural fragrance into the air. If you live in a highly built-up area, this can be a nice way to get your child to feel closer to nature.

The modern urban environment is rather dangerous, especially for young children. The safest place is to keep them indoors. But if we do not want them to become whiny, sulky little brats, they need a refuge to call their own. They need a place of their own where they can spend their time. If you buy them kids bedroom furniture which they chose, they will naturally spend time in their bedrooms without you having to chase them there. They will stay safely indoors and out from under your feet without any screaming and yelling on your part.