2018 Spring 5 fashion trends

In order for the fashion industry to stay healthy, brands need to make clothing that matters to consumers. Freshness, modernity, comfort and practicality are all key ones, as many New York designers did.

This year’s New York Fashion Week, these five trends are destined to become the hot fashion shopping in 2018, why? We use data to speak:

1, “inclined world”

Popular in the spring of 2017, the style of the 1980s continues into the fall of 2017 and is likely to continue into fashion next year. For the coming season, the most popular style trends will be distinctive color and formalism (frills).

The data behind this trend: In the spring of 2017, the newest frill dress from mainstream fashion retailers increased 209 percentage points from the year before. And they are selling well, with high replenishment rates, and 39% of these products are still being sold at full price. After the neutral color, yellow is the fifth largest selling color.

Although the frill dress looks like the summer will be popular, but its new arrival this fall, the number is also rising – so far has increased by 179%. This undoubtedly shows that they will still appear on the purchase list of consumers in the spring of 2018.

Bright yellow-green and lemon yellow, asymmetric cutting and frills are nowadays the most popular fashion elements.

2, pink is replaced by red

Say goodbye to “Millennium Powder,” and red has become the most popular color on Instagram!

Ok, so to speak may be a little exaggerated. Pink does not fall out of favor overnight, even within six months. But pink is no longer the hottest color, the most eye-catching red is.

The data behind this trend: In the United States and the United Kingdom, the number of “red” new arrivals by mainstream fashion retailers in fall 2017 has risen 111% from a year earlier. Although pink new products still lead, but by the spring of 2018, consumers will find the next popular color.

Create stylish red cherry is the United States beauty brand Glossier. With a $ 34.4 million venture capitalism backed by a business model that truly caters to today’s consumers, the brand has helped propel the Millennial with its critically acclaimed branding and packaging.

Recently, Glossier launched a new “Body Hero” series, and introduced a bright red. This product has now become the brand’s hot focus on Instagram.

3, short jacket

Whether it is a truck driver jacket, aviator jacket, Parker coat, as long as all the cut it to the buttocks above it. Designers are looking everywhere for alternatives to the Bomber Jacket, and in the spring of 2018, they unanimously put their attention on the jacket.

The data behind this trend: the number of new short jackets this fall is up 87% from last year. Taking into account the short jacket version, consumers may not have been wearing it this winter, so it is expected that this trend will occur in the spring of 2018. ” February and March will be the best months of new product sales, which is where the mainstream retailers launch denim jackets the most.

4, Department of sleeves waist decoration

This style looks very athletic, casual and practical. New York designer Alexander Wang tied his sleeves to a pair of jeans, while street label Kith Sport added his sleeves to the base sweater and wrapped his sleeves.

The data behind this trend: Sleeveless waistbands are very popular in the spring of 2017 and 40% of the products are sold at full price (the industry average for the quarter was 17%). Forty-two percent of spring sleeve elements appear on the skirt, and as more hoodies and sweaters appear on sleeves, it looks like Kith’s design will get popular in the following season.

5, light purple

A major feature of New York Fashion Week is the extensive use of color. Frankly, lavender does not always sell the best color. But many designers are using this sweet lilac, consumers are also likely in the spring of 2018 cast more attention to this color.