2012 The Grand Cherokee Price, Review

2012 The Grand Cherokee Price, Review, Specs, what car reviews, the grand cherokee its a luxury and amenities SUV without sacrificing off-road cappability. The grand cherokee is a premium SUV with unibody construction and independent rear suspension. The grand cherokee was introduced in 1992, and in 1993 the grand cherokee became the first vehicle in its class to offer a v8 engine. In 1999 the grand cherokee was redesign for the first time in the history and the third-generation grand cherokee followed for the 2005 model year.

2012 The Grand Cherokee Specs

The grand cherokee will be completed by a diesel engine, but for the first launched will be limited on united states on 2013.this SUV maybe will come as the same version of the europe. The europe grand cherokee powered by a 3.0liter v6 engine, it can make a 190 horse power and 324.5 lb-ft (440 Nm) or 241 hp and 405.7 lb-ft (550 Nm).That engine will be united with gearbox or 5 speed automatic transmission, as the result, this grand cherokee have a big power and perfomance.

Firstly, the grand cherokee acceleration 0 until 62 MPH(100KM/hours) it need a 10,2 second,and the top speed is 119 MPH(191KM/hours),and the fuel effension is 28.4 mpg (8.3 liter/100 km). But in the last version,it only takes 8,2 seconds from 0 until 100KM/hours,and the top speed 126 MPH(202KM/hours).with a same fuel effension.

Chrysler will fasted the grand cherokee production with 1,100 new worker on Jefferson North Assembly Plant in the next years.

2012 The Grand Cherokee Price

The grand cherokee price its $26,995 to $54,470 MSRP and the invoices price $26,615 to $51,968.The 2012 Grand Cherokee, which goes on sale next month, will reportedly benefit from a $3,220 price decrease versus the 2011 model. This means that the base Laredo trim level with two-wheel drive will now carry an MSRP of $26,995. It also means that the resale value of your 2011 model has likely just taken a pretty severe whack.

The folks at Kicking Tires point out that the lower base price may be a reflection of higher price points for option packages and the removal of once-standard equipment. For example, the 2011 Grand Cherokee Laredo came standard with an eight-way power seat, whereas the 2012 model does not. What’s more, the Laredo’s leather seating package now costs a whopping $5,300 instead of $4,000.