2012 Honda Civic Si Price, Review

2012 Honda Civic Si Price, Review, Specs, what car reviews, Different names of manufacturer have color the market of variation. It is influence the kind of products which release in times. Each is improved of specific features that upgrade the quality for personal used. One of a kind is drive private transportation in terms of car. It has come from different names which define its specification in detail. Honda is taking the front line as one of the best manufacturers which offer eco-friendly used. As you know, green living is getting important to campaign. It is something which influences future life for getting protection against earlier extinction. It is needed to start as prevention before it gives much impact to global environment.

Car has merely become new way of lifestyle. Many people are interested to spend some of their money for making it exists. Honda Civic Si is included as one of the main choices around the world. It has earn good reputation of powerful engine toward economical used. It is upgraded of some stylish change toward the interior and exterior design which follows of big change toward the power train. The high revving of 2.0 liter 4 cylinder to turn 210 hp 2.4 liter four pots is beyond expectation. It is increase the function of torque in presence. The chassis is work quite good to balance the sporty model for crossing the road uptown. It is also supported of multimedia features such 360 watt 7 speaker audio system, mp3, usb, Bluetooth handsfree, auxiliary input, power accessories, stability control, ABS, and more. It is perfect for those who doesn’t like to quiet atmosphere while riding.

Honda has produced different series of car of various types. It is segmented to attach different needs in times. Here, you need to be selective while finding the perfect choice of Honda which may refers to Civic Si series. The money you will spend is guaranteed of satisfaction toward its maximum performance.

Basic specs :

Drivetrain Front Wheel Drive
Curb Weight (lbs) 2877
City (MPG) 22
Hwy (MPG) 31
Horsepower 201@7000
Torque (lb-ft) 170@4400
Wheelbase 103.1
Length (in.) 176.1
Width (in.) 69.0
Height (in.) 55.0

Honda Civic Si Price : Update for November 2011

Avg. Paid:$16,235 – $22,492
MSRP: $15,605 – $21,955
Invoice: $14,388 – $20,212

2012 Honda CR-V Price, Review

2012 Honda CR-V Price, Review, Specs, what car reviews, Honda CR-V is definitely a mini SUV or compact SUV and is a suitable alternative for many. Since the car has been launched, it has gained extensive consumer satisfaction. It is definitely a family car and is preferred for long journey in uneven terrains. There are different models to choose from. It has the all wheel drive system and is considered a compact model and is surely a competition to the minivans. The interior is well equipped with high quality material and ensures you with a comfortable ride. The rear seats are also spacious. It is well known for a suitable and comfortable interior. All the models come with Bluetooth phone, streaming audio and Pandora interface. The latest model of Honda CR-V is definitely a head turner and is launched with advanced features and better quality performance than the earlier models of the class. The electronic power steering is excellently smooth and accurately light weightily designed. The current models of the Honda CR-V are Honda CR-V 2.4, Honda luxury CR-V 2.4 and Honda CR-V Sports 2.5.

Performance – 2012 Honda CR-V does not have the V6 engine or the six speed automatic transmission but still it provided with satisfying fuel efficiency. The five speeds automatic available in this model is also up to the mark. It has 2.4 liter four cylinder engine with 185 horsepower.

Handling and braking – The car requires precise handling and effortless handling on pavement ride. It also has strong brakes.

Safety – Honda CR-V is equipped with decent safety measures like electronic brake force, hill start assist, reverse parking sensors, disc brakes, child seat anchors, anti lock brakes and traction control. Airbags are also available for each passenger. Back up camera is also available in all standard CR-V models.
Reliability – It is generally provided with five year warranties.

2012 Honda CR-V Specs :

the 2012 Honda CR-V gets a 185-horsepower, 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine and five-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel drive is optional, but it’s a new version of the company’s Real Time AWD system that no longer needs to spin the front wheels before sending power to the rear. In part thanks to taller gearing, EPA fuel economy ratings have risen significantly, up to 23/31, and it’s the highest-mileage AWD crossover in this class, according to Honda.

The last-generation CR-V stood out for its almost minivan-like interior, and the new version looks like no letdown with respect to space-efficiency or versatility. In fact, its rear-seat design allows you to fold portions of it forward with a simple tug of one strap–as the seat folds forward in several steps, all part of one fluid motion.

Honda has stepped up with respect to tech features; Bluetooth connectivity and streaming are standard across the model line, and there’s a new i-MID display plus Pandora streaming audio through a smartphone app.