2011 Lamborghini Murcielago Price, Review

2011 Lamborghini Murcielago Price, Review & Picture – New Car Reviews, Lamborghini introduced both the SV — lighter and more potent than the standard Murcielago — and the open-air Roadster versions for the 2010 model year. While the Roadster is rarer, the SV is juicier. Roughly 220 pounds lighter than the LP 640, the SV also sports the previously noted power bump, a revised bod (with larger, fixed rear wing), and carbon-fiber cabin trim.

The Countach is an emblematic offering by Lamborghini; this vehicle is a gorgeous sports car entering the market in the 70s. This vehicle has been in many posters too. The Murcielago has roots in the speedy and embellished Countach. The Murcielago has a V-12 motor under the hood, it sports scissor doors, and yes the price tag is astronomical.

The Lamborghini Murcielago is the carmaker’s flagship car and it is outfitted with a 6.5 Liter V-12 under the hood delivering 632 horsepower. If more power is your desire you can choose the 670-4 Super Veloce limited edition serving 661 horsepower. The latter rivals the Ferrari 599 GTO.

The Murcielagos are sold with all wheel drive, full time drive systems and are married to six speed E Gear automated clutch manual or six speed manual transmissions. If you don’t like the scissor style doors you can opt for the Roadster edition instead. The latter has more horsepower than the 640 LP configuration. For the latter vehicle, move now, there are only fifty being made.

Look up the word “Murcielago” in the dictionary, and you’ll find the following definition: “To arrive with all the subtlety of Pamela Anderson in a Saran Wrap bikini. To humiliate the weak. To own any valet stand.” Fire up the V-12, and suddenly you won’t care that: (a) you can barely see anything behind you, (b) to back up you’ll need a spotter, (c) climbing out can make you look like a circus clown.

Few automobiles on earth run like this one. The “regular” LP 640 scorches to 60 mph in less than 3.5 seconds. The SV can do it in just 3.2. Top speed, claims Lamborghini, is well north of 200 mph (211 mph for the SV). Maximum grip hovers around 1.0 g, and the Murcielago is far lighter on its feet than its size might suggest. The Roadster adds a measure of security with rollover bars that automatically deploy if the car begins to turn turtle. Otherwise, the safety extras are minimal (no side air bags, no stability control).

Bodystyles: Coupe, convertible
Engine: 6.5L V-12
Transmissions: 6-speed manual, 6-speed auto-clutch manual
Models: LP 640, LP 640 Roadster, LP 670-4 SV

EPA Fuel Economy
LP 640, Roadster: 8 mpg city/13 mpg highway
SV: 9 mpg city/14 mpg highway

Price : $354,000 – $449,000